Committees Work to Consider General Bills

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The House convened on Monday this week following the damaging storms in the southern part of our state last weekend. We heard updates from representatives from the area on the extent of the devastation and progress of cleanup. Mississippians are at our best during trying times, as individuals and churches come together to voluntarily care for one another. If you’re looking for a way to help, you can give to the local Salvation Army here, as they are helping people on the ground there.

The legislature spent most of their time this week working in committees to consider more than 2,000 bills that have been introduced. Tuesday January 31st is the deadline for committees to approve general bills from their own chamber. Any general bills not passed by committee on Tuesday will be dead for this session. Revenue and spending bills are subject to a later deadline. As bills are passed out of committee, they are placed on the House Calendar, and will be voted on by the entire House. You can view all bills that have been approved so far here.

I’m a member of the House Judiciary B and Corrections committees, both of which met this week to discuss legislation dealing with criminal justice reform. I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with the Corrections committee to pass a bill that streamlines the parole process, and with the Judiciary B committee to implement some recommendations of the Mississippi Reentry Council. Each of these measures will help those who are formerly incarcerated reenter society as productive, taxpaying members of the workforce. I believe our legislature should do everything it can to increase employment and decrease dependence on government. These two measures are evidence-based reforms that not only increase employment, but improve public safety and save tax dollars.

Although most of this week’s work took place in committees, the House passed several measures this week. You can view each of them, along with my votes, on my blog here.

Next week, the legislature will continue to work in committees up until Tuesday’s deadline. At that point, you can expect to see much more discussion on legislation before the entire House, as we work to consider the hundreds of bills approved by committees.

Thank you for staying involved and informed. Please let me know if I can answer any questions, or do anything for you.


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