2018 House Floor Votes – Week 2

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*Note: This page will be continuously updated as votes are taken and posted. By clicking on the bill number, you can view the full text of the bill, current status, and vote totals. Vote totals are preliminary and may differ from the final totals. To view the vote by party, copy and paste the names from the vote totals pdf here. You can view upcoming votes, along with my explanation, on my House Calendar page here.


Tuesday, January 9, 2018


  • HB 354: The House took up a motion to reconsider on this bill. This would allow the bill to move forward in the legislative process. This bill requires that a portion of general fund revenue growth be allocated to road and bridge construction and repair, divided equally among cities and counties. I voted in favor of tabling the motion to reconsider, which would allow the bill to move forward. The motion passed 78-37. 


Thursday, January 10, 2018


  • HB 722: The House considered this bill, which diverts a portion of state use tax collections back to cities and counties to help finance road repair. An amendment was offered to change the title of the bill. I voted No, the amendment passed 60-53. I voted Yes on the bill, the measure passed 118-0.



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