House Floor Votes 1/23/17 – 1/27/17

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*Note: This page will be continuously updated as votes are taken and posted. By clicking on the bill number, you can view the full text of the bill, current status, and vote totals. Vote totals are preliminary and may differ from the final totals. To view the vote by party, copy and paste the names from the vote totals pdf here.


Monday January 23, 2017


  • HB 447: This bill decreases regulations on surplus lines insurance in the state, simplifying the requirements for those operating in this industry. I voted Yes, the measure passed 122-0.


  • HB 453: This bill extends a regulation on insurance that dictates how insurance companies deal with claims. The state should not regulate how private companies and individuals settle claims. I voted No, the measure passed 114-4.


Tuesday January 24, 2017


  • HB 336: This bill allows funds deposited into the Military Family Relief Fund to help support families of National Guard members, regardless of whether they are a resident of the state. This is a safety net fund that is used to provide temporary relief to military families experiencing financial hardships. This amendment does not raise any taxes or contributions to the fund, it merely ensures that it applies to all members of our state’s national guard are eligible to receive this help. Contributions to the fund are completely voluntary. I voted Yes, the measure passed 122-0.


  • HB 524: This bill makes technical amendments to update the list of buildings which the Department of Finance and Administration supervises. I voted Yes, the measure passed 121-0.


  • HB 525: This bill requires the Department of Finance and Administration to annually report all expenses related to repair and restoration at state-owned facilities. This is a good first step towards protecting taxpayers by bringing additional transparency to state spending. I voted Yes, the measure passed 122-0.


  • HB 526: This bill charges the Department of Finance and Administration with performing specific roof inspections on state buildings to determine where work is needed. It also inserts language clarifying that the purpose of inspections is to preserve existing buildings where possible. The bill places additional bureaucratic requirements on state agencies and will likely be used to promote new spending. I voted No, the measure passed 118-2.


  • HB 572: This bill allows the Department of Finance and Administration to sell state-owned property, which will further decrease the size of the state government. I voted Yes, the measure passed 114-4.


  • HB 680: This bill renames a state building in memory of the late Congressman Alan Nunnelee. I voted Yes, the measure passed 122-0.


  • HB 515: This bill adds an additional facility to the list of places triggering enhanced sentences for drug penalties. This measure places additional punitive sentences on those dealing with drug addictions, who are most in need of treatment. Instead of treatment, this bill would subject these individuals to even more time in prison. An amendment was offered to expand enhancement zones to include jails and prisons. A point of order was raised and so the amendment and bill were tabled while this was considered. 

Wednesday January 25, 2017


  • HB 555: The House voted on a motion to reconsider this bill which was originally brought up last week. I voted yes, it passed 66-50. I voted Yes on the measure, it passed 63-56. 


  • HCRs 25, 20, 40, 41, 42: The House voted on these resolutions which deal with commending, congratulating, memorializing, or expressing condolences to Mississippians. I voted Yes, they passed 121-0.

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