House Votes 2020 Week 4

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*Note: This page will be continuously updated as votes are taken and posted. By clicking on the bill number, you can view the full text of the bill, current status, and vote totals. Vote totals are preliminary and may differ from the final totals. To view the vote by party, copy and paste the names from the vote totals pdf here


Wednesday, January 29, 2020

HC 9

  • Yazoo Backwater Pump Project; support the completion of.
  • This is a concurrent resolution calling on various agencies of the Federal Government to complete the Yazoo Backwater Pump Project. The state is calling for a massive increase in the cost and scope of government that is out of line with what ought to be the government’s priorities.
  • I voted No, the motion passed 115 – 1.

HC 12

  • Joint Rules; adopt for 2020-2024 term.
  • I voted Yes, the motion passed 86 – 27.


Thursday, January 30, 2020

SB 2149

  • Appropriation; additional appropriation to Department of Finance & Administration for the 2020 Census.
  • This is an appropriation of $400,000 from the state’s general fund towards assisting the Federal Government’s 2020 census in Mississippi. The state of Mississippi is in no position to be allocating funds towards projects that other government entities are ultimately responsible for and ultimately cannot afford to spend funds in ways that are unnecessary and largely wasteful.
  • I voted No, the motion passed 114 – 5.