House Votes 2020 Week 5

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*Note: This page will be continuously updated as votes are taken and posted. By clicking on the bill number, you can view the full text of the bill, current status, and vote totals. Vote totals are preliminary and may differ from the final totals. To view the vote by party, copy and paste the names from the vote totals pdf here


Tuesday, February 04, 2020

HC 6

  • Arielle Hudson; commend and congratulate upon being named a 2020 Rhodes Scholar.
  • I voted Yes, the motion passed unanimously 120 – 0.

HC 4

  • Alcorn State University ‘Braves’ Football Team; commend upon winning the 2019 Southwestern Athletic Conference championship.
  • I voted Yes, the motion passed unanimously 120 – 0.


Wednesday, February 05, 2020

HB 95

  • Commissioner of Insurance; provide shall resolve certain disputes between provider and insured regarding billing.
  • This will allow consumers to seek arbitration on hospital/ insurance and billing issues. However, there is no appeals process outside of the Department of Insurance. When two private entities have a disagreement over a contract, it should be resolved by the judicial branch, not a member of the executive branch.
  • I voted No, the motion passed 111 – 4.