Legislative Update: Committees Prepare to Report Bills

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The Mississippi House adjourned early on Friday morning as members work in their committees. More and more bills are being referred and passed out of committee. Representatives are busy reading, amending, and hearing each bill before the deadline to send them to the floor today, February 5. After today, we will have a clear picture of the bills that will be debated and voted upon in the House chamber.

This past week the house passed two bills that made it easier for people to do business and offer services in Mississippi. The House passed HB630, which expands insurance licensing to cover limited lines of credit for self storage units, and HB785, which exempts motor vehicles in a dealerships inventory from being required to have motor vehicle liability insurance if the vehicle does not have a motor inside presently.

One of the top discussions in the legislature over this past week was House Bill 1104. It serves to reenact administrative forfeiture. My thoughts on the bill were well covered in this article in the Clarion Ledger.

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