Legistlative Update Week 3

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The Mississippi House adjourned early on Thursday morning to save tax payer dollars as members work in their committees. More and more bills are being referred to committee. Representatives are busy reading, amending, and hearing each bill before the deadline to send them to the floor on February 5. 

On Tuesday, House Bill 571 was introduced and passed 116-0. This bill would work to end the commercial sexual exploitation and human trafficking of children. This bill clarifies that minors (under the age of 18) can not be arrested for certain misdemeanor offenses. This law will help those minors who may have been victims of human trafficking be more willing to contact law enforcement and expose the adults exploiting them.

We had some amazing people come to the capitol this week! Among them included such groups as the Mississippi Nurses Association, Mississippi Hospice Association, and the American Cancer Society. As always, I was so happy to see my constituents and hear from them.

I will continue streaming Facebook Live videos directly from the House, so be sure to like my Facebook page for live videos throughout the week!

As always, you can see all of the votes I have taken so far, with bill details, on my website.

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 It’s an honor to represent you!

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